In English

Humans sitting together in peace.
Bowls of tea between them, steam rising slowly into space.
There is mystery and magic in the air…

Teeline is a group of people dedicated to offering guests a calm state of being through the ancient wisdom of drinking tea in a peaceful, meditative state.

We gather on Friday evenings, we sit and we drink tea. We speak when there is something to say.

We continue a thousands-year-old tradition of people gathering to drink humanity’s most-loved beverage. The tea we serve is wild-grown, living, powerful, and flowing with nature’s energy. It is prepared and served with presence, awareness and respect. Often, the tea answers in kind.

Each of us who serves follows as best we can a tea tradition which has its roots in ancient shamanic and Buddhist practices, in meditation and in the art of gong fu tea (tea preparation done with skill and mastery). This tradition is less about show or performance, as the modern Chinese „tea ceremony“ has become, and more about preparing the tea as the wise ancients would prepare ’medicine for the soul’.

In our evenings, we offer a chance to enjoy the rare gift of simply ’being’, as well as an opportunity to learn about the world of tea in a relaxing, friendly atmosphere.